Features Overview


Fatherhood Module

Data collection and resource management that aligns with the National Fatherhood Initiative outcomes.  WFS Fatherhood module will provide your organization with the data collection platform to assist staff in effective program engagement, program case management and data collection to meet outcomes and benchmarks.


Parents As Teachers Module

Parents As Teachers (PAT) module data collection and program management that follows the essential requirements of the PAT model, capturing the data collection expectations for program design, infrastructure, and service delivery.  WFS PAT module will assist in documentation /data collection in the following  core components of PAT:

·             Personal Visits

·            Group Connections

·            Resource Network

·            Child Screening


NHS Community Action Network

WFS module will assist NHS grantees in data collection and program tracking of Community Outreach events; Group programs/classes and events.  This module aligns with the NHS grantee reporting requirements.